Modeling, Simulation & Controllers

As a controls and simulations specialist our primary interest is connecting theory with practical engineering.

Using the open-architecture Matlab®/Simulink®/ analysis environment, RANG has developed a simulation model for a hydraulic robotic system. And as part of the vehicle program we have modeled the fuel system part of a diesel engine and more on different aspects of engineering.

Modeling — We will create simulations model to help you in all stages of your project. If you are making different mechanical components and would like to have a Simulation model to minimize your prototype design before going to production. We are the right solution for your problem.

Simulink Conversions — If you have existing program in C or other languages, we can help you change to Matlab/Simulink environ4ment and also make it easy for automatic code generation.

Controllers — Design, develop, verify, and validate software for control, embedded applications, in a structured, cost-effective process.

A Hydraulic Robot Simulation Model built for simulation and embedded controller