RANG provides complete project study services for new industry and expansion of existing ones. We undertake Proposals, Technical and Feasibility Studies and provide you with full project report documents.

Each Detailed Project Report Contains

INTRODUCTION : Project Mix, Uses & Applications, Quality Control Measure & Their Introduction for Attaining Required Properties Economy & Productivity Competence.

MARKET SURVEY : Market Position, Installed Capacity Production, Anticipated Demand, Present Manufacturing the Product, Imports & Exports, Estimated Demand, Demand & Supply Gap(If available),LI/IL Issued Recently.

RAW MATERIALS : Raw Material Specifications, Market Codes & Raw Material Prices, Sources Of Procurement Of Raw Materials[ Imported /Indigenous]

PROCESS OF MANUFACTURE : Manufacturing Process, Formulations, Process Flow Sheet Diagram

PLANT & MACHINERY : Range Of Machineries Required, Detailed Specifications of Machines & Equipments, Prices Of Machineries, Suppliers of Plant & Machineries

LAND & BUILDING : Total Land Area Requirement With Rates, Covered Area Break-Up With Estimated Costs Of Construction

PROJECT ECONOMICS : Land & Buildings, Plant, Machinery & Other Fixed Assets, Total Capital Investment, Working Capital Assessment, Raw Material & Consumable Stores, Staff Salarie & Wages, Utilities & Over heads, Total Cost Of Project, Sources Of Finance/Refinance,Break Even Point Determination.

ANNEXURES OF CHARTS/FINANCIAL ASPECTS : Repayment Schedule For 5 Yrs., Result Of Performance, Depreciation Chart For 5 Years, Cash Flow Statement For 5 yrs., Projected Balance Sheet, Land Man Ratio etc.