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Staff Augmentation

If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy staff augmentation partner look no further.

Technical staff augmentation services supplement your existing work force with technical professionals who possess skills tailored to the particular needs of the your business.

Our staff augmentation service enables you to add or remove employees as needed, helping to avoid the extra costs associated with recruiting and hiring new employees with specialized skills.

Staff Augmentation assignments make sense when a need is "project-based". We can help you create a position profile that zeroes in on the core attributes needed to achieve project goals, then we will find candidates who can fulfill those requirements.

The winning candidate will be a Rang Engineering employee throughout the assignment; you will be billed an agreed-upon amount based on the responsibilities undertaken and the experience level of the candidate.

Staff Augmentation should be considered when:
The skill set is necessary, but clearly temporary; Existing staff do not possess the expertise and time constraints prohibit a learning curve.